Morning panic (not that panic)


Well, actually I have to get to MUSI by 8.30 am. And here I am, still writing.

I’m surely panic, though, in my mind, but trying to keeping myself’s enjoyment of this routine.

do you know (well, you must be don’t know) ? I’m the CHAIRMAN of MUSI’s this October Graduation pahtaaayyy (woooo~). And the point is, I haven’t got almost all of the head-divisons -nah! If you can see what my other hand is doing right now, it’s texting with the persons I purpose to be the head division of the divisions I made up.

It’s a bit difficult to handle an occassion while almost all of your friends are in the middle of THAT HECTIC osjur. Hmmmmh

But, I have to convince myself that I CAN DO IT!


and this is the list of head-division I haven’t get yet:

  • PJ Administrasi

  • PJ Danus

  • Div. Perform

  • Sec. Supporting

  • Div. Logistic

  • Div. Konsumsi







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