Welcoming this year, everybody has resolutions, people want to be better, absolutely, so do I.
Am trying to be more specific to everything I do, every task, yeahs… everything.
So if you have some goals to earn some plans, and I suggest to you to be specific and realistic and stick to it.
Don’t lie, you feel regret for you 2013 plans which not coming true.
So, here this comes a whole new year.
Let’s celebrate.
Let’s make the journal of this journey.

View to Carnaval Beach, Ancol, from the boat
another view from the boat to the beach, Ancol

and me? What are my resolutions?
I want to have a journal, submitting at least 3 architecture competitions, and journey piggy bank, (plus stick to knitting thingy)
My hope, just one, there would be no one who takes my time for granted again, puh-leeze!


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